About Toronto PC Services

We are an Information Technology and Service Company which has multiple Specialist for a Specific Service, Trying to cover all Field in IT industry did not take away from the fact that

Service quality and Specialty is the most important.

Our Beautiful Toronto Deserves The Best

Who we work With.

Our Clients are People Around us, you who are reading now, and Huge Corporations which have their own In-House IT Staff. We Cover Small and Mid-sized, to Very Large Corporation when it comes to Market Share.

All Tickets or Job Orders/Contracts are Covered by Us (TPS) Even though that specific Service was done by a Contractor of Toronto PC Services. It Means we will Takes care of our clients to the end of that session and to reach their satisfaction


  • TPS Was Started by Very Experienced and Educated Engineer who had very high standard in Service Quality.
    Bobby Hamedani Joining other Specialist in the Field with more than a Decade Experience in this field, Started co-operation and Toronto PC Services
  • Goal is to keep our Standards as high as possible, Satisfy our Client on daily basis and grow every second of every day.
  • if you have any concerns or suggestion or if you like to drop a line or even a Resume please do it so via email at info@torontopcservices.com and let us Improve.
    Thank you