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IT support and maintenance based on remote assistance

We provide remote services to individuals and companies. We diagnose the problem and troubleshoot remotely. Unless there is a need to send technicians to the sites, you will get charged for a remotely done service. Fortunately, this method can be used for a variety of computer systems and their problems. Thus, instead of having a technician over your place, you can get an incomparable remote assistance service.

How will it works for you

For your Company or Small Business, we have a set up Process by installing our Remote Assistance Software and make a profile from your company computers.
When you call us for any issue, we detect the problem and troubleshoot remotely unless there is a need to send technicians to the sites.

We will have a report log file of our technicians resolving the issue remotely for information safety, and it is going to be ready to be provided to our clients upon request.

You will receive an incomparable Service and IT support. We do not believe there is a need for any contracts. If our clients are satisfied, we keep them that way which is the best business relationship between our parties

Cost efficiency and a better quality Service

Toronto PC Services is based in Toronto and we would provide all your IT needs and even fix your software and hardware problems right here through no third party companies. We do not sacrifice a quality service for a lower price and we would not need to. By Our Remote IT Support, you will get the most efficient and highest quality Service possible for your business

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